Dead toddler’s mum appeals to Domaszewicz

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The mother of murdered toddler Jaidyn Leskie has appealed to the man acquitted of his murder to come clean about her boy’s death.


Bilynda Williams has written to Greg Domaszewicz, urging him to tell the truth.

“Please, before you die, write down (what happened) and store it somewhere,” she said in the letter published by News Corp Australia’s Herald Sun on Sunday.

“Please, if anything, for Jaidyn, let the truth be known to all.”

Mr Domaszewicz was charged with Jaidyn’s murder but acquitted by a Supreme Court jury.

He said he left the 14-month-old boy sleeping at Moe in June 1997 to pick up his then-girlfriend Bilynda Williams from a pub in nearby Traralgon.

He said he should never have left the child alone.

“It’s upsetting, still, because ultimately there’s a kid that died because of my stupidity,” he told the Herald Sun.

“Ultimately, it was my fault. I was the one who got in the car and went to pick her up.”

When he returned, the child had gone, his windows were smashed and a bloodied pig’s head was lying on the front lawn.

Jaidyn’s body was discovered at the nearby Blue Rock Dam on New Year’s Day 1998.

A coronial inquest in 2005 found Mr Domaszewicz had contributed to Jaidyn’s death because he failed to adequately look after the toddler while he was in his care, and that he dumped the boy’s body in the dam.

Mr Domaszewicz said he was not concerned about being charged again, following changes to the state’s double jeopardy laws.

Ms Williams said nothing will bring Jaidyn back, but the family deserved to know what happened.

“So please, before your own life ends, please just tell the truth. Jaidyn deserves that much,” she wrote to Mr Domaszewicz.

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